MJL - Michael Lonsdale Group

240 Blackfriars Road Mace Ltd

This is a current project; a commercial development comprising of a twenty storey building creating 28,500 sqm of office accommodation, together with a gymnasium and retail space at ground floor. Michael J Lonsdale is responsible for the procurement and installation of all the mechanical services which includes the shell and core plant located in the basement and roof plantrooms. The shell and core services consists of basement pumps, heat exchangers, air handling units, sprinkler tanks and cold water storage tanks. The riser installation consists of modularised lthw and chw, hot, cold, soil, vent and rainwaters together with supply air and fire rated extract ductwork and the smoke extract system. The roof plant consists of chillers, boilers, air handling units, heat exchangers and pumps. The BMS system has control panels located in the basement and roof plantrooms with out-stations serving each floor. The fit out of floors ground to 20 consists of high level chilled ceilings and perimeter low level heating. There are also a small number of chilled beams and fancoil units located within the building.