Announcing the new Plant Logistics Team

Having recognised the gap in the market for a dedicated logistics and plant management division we are pleased to confirm the opening our Logistics Centre in east London, further boosting the operational capabilities of the Plant Logistics Team. Here are the main subjects for our exciting announcement.

Plant Logistics Team

Across all our divisions, logistics play a huge role in the delivery of our services. Compiling a dedicated team to manage logistics means our activity around MEP can become more linear, efficient and proactive. By managing the workflow better and providing a more integrated operation within the business, Michael Lonsdale Group can provide an even better service for our clients.

The Logistics Centre

The unit was fitted out specifically to suit the needs of the plant logistics division. Works included reinforcing the existing decking, expanding the mezzanine, installing plant movement equipment, constructing new office space and facilities for the staff and resurfacing the flooring.

This unit supports the business divisions by allowing us to store equipment ready for subsequent delivery to site and to manage our own specialist plant handling needs. We have an array of unique tools and plant that we use on a regular basis for plant ingress, which is not readily available in the marketplace. The unit also acts as a tool’s hub allowing us to provide our own small tools and equipment to the site when the need arises.

Inside Michael Lonsdale Group's Logistics Centre
Inside Michael Lonsdale Group's Logistics Centre
Inside Michael Lonsdale Group's Logistics Centre
Inside Michael Lonsdale Group's Logistics Centre
Inside Michael Lonsdale Group's Logistics Centre
Outside Michael Lonsdale Group's Logistics Centre

Benefits to the client

This division allows for more in-depth logistical involvement throughout the building process. The unit will be more integrated with the process, from tender to project completion. This involvement allows for more accurate and extensive advice given to clients during tender and pre-construction stages. This valuable advice at such a critical stage will smoothen the process right from the start, resolving issues before they arise.

Furthermore, the Plant Logistics Team operates with more flexibility than is traditionally the case with MEP. Having our own Logistics Centre means we can manage the movement of plant & other components independently, allowing us to work around a complex project schedule. This enables us to concentrate on the aspects that matter; completing a job to the highest quality possible, whilst saving everyone involved time and money.

“it’s a team effort, everyone involved contributes an equally important amount.”
Plant Logsitics Team Manager

Building on success

The division has gone from strength to strength and amongst the exemplar projects undertaken the team have been involved with Battersea Power Station, Garrard House and 100 Liverpool Street, providing a full range of plant movement, plant handling, protection and specialist install. In fact, the team has been so successful it has quadrupled in size as we add more specialisms to this division.

Our logistics manager has nothing but praise for all those involved, stating “it’s a team effort, everyone involved contributes an equally important amount. This is what makes us successful in the marketplace, we can provide advice, implement plant handling and craneage plans, and assist those in delivering the projects by securing programme dates and in some instances improving on them.”