Industry opportunities shared with young women at Clapton Girls Academy

We recently attended the Careers Day at Clapton Girls Academy in Hackney, which was attended by over 600 students throughout the course of the day. Together with Sir Robert McAlpine we educated the young women on the different job opportunities available within the industry, from quantity surveying, engineering, install, environmental, health & safety, logistics and more. We also explained how the different teams, divisions and departments both in-house and external work together collaboratively on construction projects. 

The students enjoyed listening to some real-life work experiences, and about training and apprenticeships available, as well as possible study routes to take. The young women were also concerned about work-life balance should they wish to have families and were interested to hear of the increasing emphasis on employee well-being, often offering more flexible hours, currently and in the foreseeable future. The industry requires a projected one million new workers in the next 5 years, offering much potential for job security and opportunities for career progression.

Women currently make up around 14% of construction industry professionals, with 37% of new entrants into the industry from higher education being women.