Design Project Students Win Awards

The Central Foundation Boys’ School students recently completed their conceptions of the Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery, situated in Kensington Gardens. The assignment is their final design project of the year. Michael J LonsdaleStanhope and Lendlease are providing support throughout 2022.

Michael J Lonsdale has been judging their work, attempting to determine a winner. Although it was a competition with one overall winner, it has been too hard to decide on one. Each student built such an engaging storyboard & model that every student will receive a reward for their excellent work.

The students’ design project

The Pavilion design project, aimed at the Serpentine Gallery, allowed students to make their models of the Serpentine Pavilion space, situated in Kensington Gardens. All eight students built their ideas on what they envisioned the Pavilion to look like.

An incredible amount of work has gone into the project; so much so that the students were locked in the school one night after staying past 7:30 pm to work on their models.

Students were taught lessons in architecture, sustainability and design.

As part of the involvement, several colleagues from Michael J Lonsdale visited the school on Thursday, 10th June, to assess the winning design. To their amazement, every model is so good that a clear winner could not be decided on the spot.

A trip to Bloomberg

Following the judging, we took the class to the Bloomberg European HQ for an exclusive tour of the building’s facilities. Coincidentally, Michael J Lonsdale previously delivered the complete mechanical installation.

Construction started back in 2012, with over 2000 workers on site. Building had to pause for two years after a series of Roman artefacts were found underneath the plot.

The main entrance: “There’s no future possible without the past.” This spot is where London was founded over 2000 years ago. The Londinium Trading Post is supposedly founded right on the spot underneath the mirror. The three sides of the walls lean on each other without any structural support.

The building prides itself on being one of the most sustainable projects in the world. The building’s BREAAM score sits at an impressive 99.1% thanks to solar panels, a ‘green roof’, reusable cups on site, compostable plates & cutlery, rainwater collection & collection of all water that runs through the building, repurposing it for toilets. In the first year of moving in the building saved 25 million litres of water. The basement houses a power station to enable the building to function completely independently. Absorption chilling keeps the building cool.

Throughout the main floors runs a multi-purpose ceiling. It handles heating, cooling, lighting and acoustics. The bespoke design houses 500k low emission lights, with the ceiling design stopping condensation build-up. The petals help with acoustics, absorbing the sound and stopping it from travelling through the building.

Bloomberg HQ aims to be zero carbon emissions by 2025. They aim to achieve this by seeking renewable energy to fully resource the building.

The design project winner

Each student won a £50 Amazon voucher. Miguel Gil Mejia won the main £100 Amazon voucher prize. Miguel also has a 2-week paid work placement in any department of his choice. This will be with any of the Michael Lonsdale Group divisions.
HR Manager, Tina Rahman, giving Miguel his winners prize
Congratulations to the eight students who created such impressive design projects and we look forward to having Miguel with the MJL team very soon!
The completed projects in the Central Foundation Boy’s School main reception