Our Divisions
The Michael Lonsdale Group is the host for the various subsidiaries and specialist divisions that support our building services companies. The group has been formed to facilitate our expansion into other regions and specialisations ensuring there is no loss of client focus within the divisions as the business expands its operations.

Michael J. Lonsdale

Undertaking the full range of M&E building services engineering specialisms, ranging from £4 Million up to £45 Million in value.


Providing fast track responsive solutions, where flexibility & speed are of the essence.

Lonsdale Rail

Rail division with an emphasis on quality and engineering led solutions.

E7 Building Services

An experienced MEP division serving the Midlands and North of England.


We offer a complete range of mechanical, electrical and public health services, always staying up to date with the latest industry thinking, and using the most innovative technologies.

Project Portfolio

From commercial, residential, laboratories, hotels, and one-off bespokes, each of our projects make optimal use of space, with minimal environmental impact.


Whatever your need, we’re here to help. If you want to work with us, give feedback, are interested in a career or just have a general enquiry, get in touch and one of our skilled team members will get back to you.