Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is one of the most important days on the calendar for us at The Michael Lonsdale Group. It’s a day to reflect on what we have done and what we need to do to make our operation more sustainable. For Earth Day 2023, we ran a week of content on our social channels, diving into the details of how our business invests in the planet. From reviewing our operational & embodied carbon procedures to uncovering our employee carbon footprints, every day of the working week brought insight into our company’s sustainable practices.

You can see all our posts from Earth Day 2023 on our LinkedIn as well as below.

Day 1: Why should earth day matter to the construction industry?

We kick off a week of Earth Day 2023 content, reflecting on the environmental impact of our industry and exploring what we are doing to make construction more sustainable.

Scroll through the carousel below to see how we are utilising our understanding of embodied carbon.

Day 2: A look at our employees' carbon footprints

Earth Day this year is looking at investing in our planet, so we are looking at how we can invest in ourselves to be more sustainable.

As part of our Earth Day initiatives, we encouraged our staff to work out their annual emissions using the WWF Footprint Calculator.

Here’s what we found, and here’s what our staff and you can do to make our lives a more sustainable one

Day 3: How will future generations judge us for current construction practices?

Sustainable business practices are an obligation to future generations.

Our industry is in transition, where better sustainability practices are paramount. It is our duty, as a pivotal part of society, to keep the planet a safe place for future generations.

Here are some small changes we have made as a business that multiply to make a big difference.

Day 4: How are we currently investing in sustainability?

With Earth Day approaching this week, we’ve been discussing the construction industry’s impact on the environment. But what exactly are we doing on our projects?

Check out the sustainable practices we are implementing at our live sites.

Day 5: Building sustainably means looking at the whole picture

Supply chain sustainability is about considering the environmental and social impact of every step of a construction project, from sourcing materials to transportation, production, and delivery.

Here’s how we work with our subcontractors and suppliers to invest in our planet:

A week for Earth Day 2023

As we come to the end of this journey, we invite you to reflect on how we can continue to invest in our planet, not just today, but every day. We hope this week has inspired you to make positive changes in both your personal and professional life.