Full M&E fit-out completed for the new Fidelity offices

The outside of the Fidelity building

Michael J Lonsdale has handed over Fidelity’s new 8 storey office space situated directly opposite St. Pauls Cathedral, completing a full mechanical & electrical fit-out for the investment firm.

The 10-month project covered all 8 floors & the roof plant, where services run through one of the flowerbeds situated on the roof. Two chillers were installed alongside four pre-fabricated pump sets that were lowered via a gatic floor hatch in the loading bay.

The project is a milestone for MJL, as the team installed the UK’s first Siemens total room automation (TRA) system. The lighting control system is all controlled through the building management system (BMS), monitoring the full room environment. From lighting to airflow, the TRA handles everything that affects the environment of the room, all being controlled from just one BMS supervisor. The media room also provided a challenge: all services required acoustic treatment, so MJL installed internal and external acoustically insulated ductwork and installed everything on AV hangers, to reduce the effect on the acoustics of the room.

The team involved with the project performed extremely well, meeting all client requirements and finishing the job within the required timescale.

The ground plant room in Fidelity's new building