Ilona Rose House


Just round the corner from the newly redeveloped Tottenham Court Road station sits Ilona Rose House. The 300,000 sq. ft mixed-use development aims to anchor the film and creative industries in Soho.

Project info

Michael J Lonsdale was brought on by Sir Robert McAlpine to provide a £14.5m shell & core package that achieved practical completion three days early by Sir Robert McAlpine and Soho Estates. The building features a four-storey basement that will house a huge cinema room, a huge five-storey high glazed cone and multiple façade types covering the building to give it a unique and extravagant quality.

What We Did

The project team installed mechanical, public health & BMS services to the core building areas. Works consisted of:

• A low-temperature hot water system supported by ground source heat pumps.

• Condenser boilers situated in the B3/B4 boiler room.

• Secondary circuits from low-temperature hot water system to retail, tenant and landlord areas.

• Energy recovery condenser water system.

• Fully integrated BMS with output for energy monitoring and full environmental control with option for night time purge cycle to provide efficient cooling in the right conditions.

• Central chilled water system using water cooled chillers supported by roof mounted dry air coolers.

• Condenser water system providing energy recovery to VRF systems.

• Building wide ventilation systems including primary supply and extract systems, toilet ventilation and ventilation to subordinate rooms and landlords areas.

• Smoke extract systems in basement areas with damper control.

• Cooling systems for landlord critical areas.

• Public health drainage.

• Rainwater pipework.

• Domestic hot and cold water distribution and main plant systems serving toilet areas and potential kitchen for tenant fit out.

• Cat 5 cold water system.

• Water treatment systems to LTHW and CHW installations.

• Full O&M and building log book support.

Making Visions a Reality

The riser modules were a standout challenge for the team at Ilona Rose House. The project team experienced a limited install time to get all the riser modules installed. Riser openings were very tight with little room for adjustment, making lowering the modules especially hard at the basement levels. Each lift, circa 150 lifts over three months, had its difficulties which the project and PLT teams managed to overcome, contributing to the team achieving practical completion three days early.


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