Wells Fargo


With panoramic views and impressive rooftop garden, 33 Central is the most well-connected office building in Central London.

Project info

We were appointed to undertake the mechanical services cat A fit-out works for Wells Fargo and their new London office, 33 Central. This 11-storey office development on King Williams Street offers panoramic views of some of London’s most famous landmarks and an incredible rooftop garden.

What We Did

We provided dedicated ventilation, heating and cooling to 4 and 6 pipe fan coil units on general office floors, trader floors and specialist floors.

The works included new infrastructure services comprising of a new dedicated chilled water plant, providing critical chilled water to trader floors, data centre, UPS rooms and multiple IDF rooms throughout the space.

Due to local authority road closure restrictions and road works being undertaken, the main roof plant was broken down into a maximum of four-tonne sections, delivered by Helicopter. The plant was re-built and tested on site.

Making visions a reality

Located in the heart of London, 33 Central is one of the most well-connected office buildings in Central London. It boasts state of the art facilities maximising natural light and outside space, creating excellent environmental and wellness benefits.

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