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An in-house service maximising the opportunities presented by modular build and prefabrication.

A department created to maximise and enhance the programme gains achieved by our off-site build solutions by highly skilled in-house operations.

Service info

The logistics team is entirely in-house and offers plant handling and plant moving, logistics and off-site storage, plant protection as well as craneage and hoisting solutions, ensuring that everything is handed over undamaged and brand new. 

Logistics Michael J Lonsdale

Always innovating

A relatively new addition to the Michael J Lonsdale Group, this department was created in direct response to our client requests for a seamless factory to workface solution, to maximise the opportunities presented by modular build and prefabrication.  

What we offer

We can manage the storage, ingress, final positioning and protection of bought plant and modular frames, ensuring it is handed over seamlessly and undamaged. Aside from getting the major components to site, our logistics team ensures sequencing clashes are avoided so that following trades are not impeded from the workface or obstructed by previously installed components. 

Michael J. Lonsdale

Undertaking the full range of M&E building services engineering specialisms, ranging from £4 Million up to £45 Million in value.


Providing fast track responsive solutions, where flexibility & speed are of the essence.

Lonsdale Rail

Lonsdale Rail

Rail division with an emphasis on quality and engineering led solutions.

E7 Building Services

An experienced MEP division serving the Midlands and North of England.


We offer a complete range of mechanical, electrical and public health services, always staying up to date with the latest industry thinking, and using the most innovative technologies.