Women in Construction – INWED 2021

This year, for International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) 2021, we have created a video to break down any preconceptions about women in construction. The industry is often given a bad image thanks to its past, but times are changing.

An honest truth

For centuries there has been an imbalance in the world of engineering. It is seen as a male domain, an industry that only creates jobs for men. In the past construction has imposed countless barriers for women, some obstacles around physical strength and overall a basic interest in engineering. But is it a case of completely shutting down the opportunities for women? In recent years, studies have shown that many females outperform their male peers in all areas of engineering. Businesses are extending their talent pool and reaching out to women, providing opportunities in engineering, thus eliminating any gender biases within the industry.

Our beliefs

What are the Michael Lonsdale Group doing to eliminate this gender bias? We believe that disinterest stems from a lack of understanding and knowledge of the industry. Therefore, it is essential for us to carve out the career paths and personal development opportunities already present in construction and make these attractive to women. By exposing the information and educating those around us, more women can be provided equal opportunity and career development.

Source: E&T Organisation

The two graphs better explain this theory with numbers. Over time, with the correct knowledge and exposure of the industry, more women (and younger women) feel that engineering is ‘not only for men’. This completely dismisses the ideology that females do not believe they can be engineers. Instead of questioning ability, it raises the need to educate women to better make an informed decision.

What else are we doing to break these barriers?

Over the recent years, the group have attended all girls’ schools to host events and present talks on the opportunities for women in construction. We are also finalising plans to exhibit in jobs fares for young people and to provide literature for school leavers on the opportunities in construction. In addition, each year we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day which allows us to actively provide jobs in construction. From providing apprenticeships to hosting national talks, we endeavour to not only further develop and celebrate the existing women in our business but also welcome with open arms any new females that wish to join our business.